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Our journeys as military spouses may not be the same, we change and try to keep sane. In the end, our stories are what remain.

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Relax & Reason

No matter how long the tour, we made it! We spent years putting the needs of the military & country first, now it's time for us~ we earned it.

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Learn New Tricks

The tour is over,  now what? A whole new, exciting world! As military spouses,  we've shown the world we are resilient, now let's prove it to ourselves.

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News & Editorial

These times, they are changin,'  which makes keeping in the know super important. Settle in now as we bring you the 411 on what's happening.

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Culture Me Bliss

As we move deeper within our lives, goals and ambitions evolve. Our eyes see the beauty of surroundings, which allows more focus on us.

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Military spouses are DIY experts. Like most spouses, we've had to figure it all out! We know who provides the best products & services!

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We Are MilSpouse Today

We've done the research! There are plenty military spouse sites that publish insightful info about deployments, relationships and career. We found no sites with must-have-gen for military spouses whose service member has ( or is!) retired (retiring!) or ETS .

MilSpouse Today is a site directed by military spouses whose tours in the military community have or are in the process of ending, and are entering a new world with different challenges and opportunity.



Next Steps...

Find your new adventure through sharing your stories and discovering those of others who share your journey.